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If the tickets have been issued (your order has been systematically completed) the amount of the refund depends on the cancellation policy followed by the respective company. To calculate the refund amount, check here by clicking on the ferry company with which you have a ticket in the "Discount & Cancellation Policy" tab.

- If you have received the ferry tickets, you must return them to us, by courier, at the latest one day before the date of departure. If they are not received by Viva, the refund will not be credited to your account.

- If you have not received the ferry tickets, the cancellation procedure is followed and the refunded amount is credited to your account

Viva.gr's cancellation fee is 3 € per issued ticket, which is not included in the cancellation fee of the respective shipping company (if there is and cancellations are allowed).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The registration of your request does not imply its automatic implementation. To complete the process, the following should be done: A customer service representative will process your request. If cancellation is allowed, you will be sent an email with additional instructions. Once you accept by replying to the email, the cancellation will be completed.

Cancellation / Changes Department is operating from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. Requests for ticket changes/cancellations can only be processed within this time.

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