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Specific ferry companies give you the opportunity to board the ship with an electronic ticket (e-ticket) without having to wait in line at the port to print your ticket!

The procedure is as follows:

• Make the reservation electronically from Viva.gr and in step 3 and specifically in the '' Ticket Delivery Option'' you select e-ticket.

• In the confirmation email you receive once the booking is complete, select "Visit the online check-in page to collect your tickets"

• You will use the reservation code of the ferry company and follow the steps as requested by their page.

• Upon completion of the web check-in you receive your tickets in electronic form (e-ticket) and you can download them to your mobile, tablet or print them on your home printer!

• When boarding the ship, present your e-ticket together with your ID, passport or driver's license.

Important Note: In some shipping companies, online check-in can only be done once. For this reason, we advise you to save the file that contains your electronic tickets, as well as to print them if this possibility exists. In case you lose your boarding pass or encounter any issues during the process, you will need to contact the respective shipping company as the process is done through their page.
In addition, some shipping companies have set a specific time limit for the check-in process, which will be stated on your order confirmation page.

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