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As soon as a shipping company announces an itinerary, it usually stays as planned. However, in some cases, the shipping company makes changes to its timetables or cancellations of the routes for various reasons.

In such a case you will receive a relevant notification via SMS by the shipping company and as soon as we are notified by the company of the change that has occurred we will inform you via email or SMS (depends on how soon is the departure).

In case the voyage is cancelled through the fault of the company and not due to emergency damage or damage to the ship, then:

  • You are entitled to a refund of the price of your ticket for the cancelled route.

  • In case of purchases of more than one route, only the part cancelled by the company can be returned.

  • In case of delay in the scheduled time of arrival or departure, then if it is required to change the tickets with the new time, any changes can be done with a physical presence at the central agencies of each company.

Any complaints, as well as claims for compensation, should be addressed to the shipping companies. What we can do as ticket providers is guide you through your rights as a passenger.

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